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Chicago Skyline FAQ

Does Chicago have the best skyline?

Chicago Illinois Skyline

Yes, if you ask me. Especially the view from the North Avenue Beach Pier is the best. From there you have a great view on Chicago and you will notice the symmetry in the skyline.

Where can I watch the Chicago skyline for free?

Chicago Skyline

The 2 best options to watch the Chicago skyline for free are : The North Avenue Beach Pier and from the Adler Planetarium Skyline Walk.

Which one is better, the New York skyline or the one from Chicago?

New York

They both have their strength. Were I prefer the architecture of the Chicago skyscrapers, the New York skyline has more variety and different point of views.

From where to get the best aerial view over Chicago?

Chicago Skyline

There are 2 great observatories in Chicago. There’s the Chicago’s Skydeck at the Willis tower and the 360 Chicago at the John Hancock Center.